We are b2b publishers. We also develop our own software.

We couldn't find the perfect software so we built our own

We publish ShipInsight - The leading source of information on maritime technology and regulation. The two most important tools for our business are our CRM - used by our sales team - and our CMS - the engine that runs our website. We tried every tool on the market but nothing worked so we built our own.

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We customised open source software Invoice Plane so that our sales team were able to manage their clients with speed. No bloat. Just everything they need in one application.



The key to a succesful cms is to build a platform that does exactly what you need it to. Our team of developers customised Craft into the perfect publishing platform.

"I just need to search for a list of companies by category, locate the correct contact and then create a proposal. Once accepted I need to convert the proposal to an invoice. This CRM does this in less than a minute."

David Cocoraccio, Commercial Manager

We had tried every CMS on the planet. I needed one that worked for readers and advertisers so we built a solution from the ground up that increased lead generation by over 300%".

Adam Foster, Director